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Become a LETTERKENNY SC VIP member by donating to PIETA HOUSE.

From humble beginnings, Pieta House has grown to almost 270 therapists and administration staff, and the demand for our service hasn’t let up. In 2018 alone, nearly 8,000 people came through our doors suffering from suicidal ideation and/or engaging in self-harm, or to avail of suicide bereavement counselling. In 2017 Pieta House opened the doors of its first centre in the northwest – in Co Donegal.
Staff at ‘Pieta House North West’ in Letterkenny includes a centre manager three clinical support staff, a team of sessional therapists and a Suicide Bereavement Liaison Officer.

Follow the steps below to donate to PIETA HOUSE today and become a LETTERKENNY SC VIP member:

STEP 1: Create your LETTERKENNY SC VIP membership account.

STEP 2: Donate at Minimum donation just €1!

STEP 3: Tailor your LETTERKENNY SC VIP experience, for example, selecting how many texts you wish to receive per visit, frequency and from which stores.

STEP 4: Collect your VIP Fob from Letterkenny SC managers office, they can be collected Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Simply show your confirmation email in order to collect your fob.

STEP 5: Visit Letterkenny SC Centre and start receiving personalised text message treats.

In order to receive messages you must have your fob on your person and your mobile phone. Simply show the text message to the Customer Representative at the till point in store in order to receive your VIP treat. Please note your fob is unique to you and your mobile telephone number. You cannot share your fob with a friend.

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